Being sustainable is a cost, with Dal Ceredo it is a saving

Mattia Dal Ceredo

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Today, tanning companies employ many resources in achieving levels of environmental sustainability that must be certified following new protocols. In recent years, for example, represented by the LWG (Leather Working Group) environmental protocol.

The nice thing is that we feel much more responsible for the environment in which we live, however, at the expense of the ever increasing costs that our companies are forced to bear.

More and more qualified figures are needed who, on the one hand, can re-engineer the manufacturing processes and, on the other, produce certificates suitable for achieving objectives that are sometimes difficult to achieve.


What could Dal Ceredo Technology help you with?

The by now consolidated experience in the applications of the innovative patent obtained, with the S1 System we guarantee considerable savings and countless competitive advantages.

The implementation of our S1 System on the finishing lines:

  • in fact, it considerably reduces the consumption of energy and chemicals used in the production process.
  • It significantly reduces VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions into the atmosphere, helping to easily fall within the legal limits imposed by the Italian government.
  • It also significantly reduces the production of residual waste from the finishing process.

We can also guide you step by step to certify all this through close collaboration with an ESCo to obtain the certificates.

To be updated on these and other news and if you want to know how to increase the sustainability of your company thanks to our S1 Systemcontact me to plan an introductory meeting.