Dal Ceredo together with the ESCo for your Strategic Sustainability Plan

Mattia Dal Ceredo

(Image source: Shutterstock)

In recent years, companies are dealing with many issues to make their products more and more sustainable. Some parameters concern the use of resources such as energy and water, but a value that is becoming increasingly strategic is the impact of CO2, the “Carbon Footprint“. This analysis evaluates the greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product or a process and allows us to determine the environmental impacts that human activity has on climate change and, therefore, on global warming.

In fact, according to the indications of the Kyoto Protocol, the gases that have the greatest impact on the greenhouse effect are: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrogen monoxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride.

The tanning industry must take up this challenge as a great opportunity to relaunch.

Attention to the environmental impact in our sector can be easily demonstrated and today also certified. Starting from a Carbon Footprint, a company can trace a path of actions and interventions aimed at decarbonisation, reducing consumption and emissions into the atmosphere.

We at Dal Ceredo Technology, through the implementation of our S1 System patent, first of all, are able to guarantee a strong reduction in emissions from the finishing line, and in addition we can help you to certify these reductions through a close collaboration with the ESCo (Energy Service Company) which are delegated to certify the reduction of CO2 emissions.

To be updated on these and other news and if you want to know how to increase the sustainability of your company thanks to our S1 Systemcontact me to plan an introductory meeting.