Emissions of your New Finishing Technology are under your control?

Mattia Dal Ceredo

The New Finishing Technology process can truly be defined as the most relevant innovation in leather finishing in the last 20 years. It makes possible to get high fashion houses closer to the excellence of Arzignano (Italy).
The sustainability of the products has had very important improvements, which are certainly destined to progress going to this direction.

The key now is to tune, with always more consciously, the use of resources used to implement the spraying machinery at the head of the line and the chemicals products used.

Generally, the quantities of chemical sprayed before the transfer release are around 7 to 12 grams per square foot and the transfer rate with HVLP guns is usually around 50%. A condition that at the moment is still considered by many to be rather sensitive and demanding.

The latest research carried out and subsequent developments have shown how the S1 System by Dal Ceredo Technology, while maintaining the same spray guns that you already use, manages to increase the transfer rate from 60% to 65%.

The consequent percentage of waste, which is normally an important cost spread especially over small production quantities, can be very low, also giving a series of advantages that can be easily mentioned as:

  • saving of chemicals products
  • reduction of waste disposal costs
  • increased productivity
  • reduction of cleaning and maintenance times

Everything in order to advantage of a considerable increasing in the parameters of environmental sustainability, to which we have been striving so much in recent years.

If you want to know more on how the Dal Ceredo Technology S1 System works, and how it could improve the efficiency of your finishing line, contact me to schedule a meeting.