Energy costs of today and our role

Mattia Dal Ceredo

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During the summer holidays, the news frightened us about the imminent increased costs of energy that families will have to bear starting from the next fall.

But the greatest concern shifts to companies and the ability to keep them competitive in the period of the post-pandemic relaunch. Especially for the tanning sector which is notoriously energy-intensive.

Our patented S1 system by Dal Ceredo Technology promises to reduce the consumption of energy power on your spray line. How does it do this?

Essentially working on three levels of savings.

  • The reduction of the atomization pressure at the inlet of the spray guns allows considerable reducing of the  of the compressor’s job. In fact, the energy to power it will be significantly lowered, because with the S1 System we have been able to reduce the atomization air pressure for each individual gun, up to 50%
  • Following the pressure reduction just mentioned, the dust inside the cabin is significantly reduced. Consequently, the blast chiller process is much easier and will need less energy to absorb residual volatile substances.
  • The S1 System patent was born with the intention of heating the air and stabilizing it within the spraying process. This allows you to have a mixture at a constant temperature during all the seasons. This allowed us to decrease the drying temperatures with a consequent decrease in energy costs to power supply the tunnel.

And the high technology with which this system was designed allows maximum efficiency with consumption comparable to little more than a household appliance.

Furthermore, to increase the return on investment of the S1 System, an immediate benefit in terms of green incentives that can be obtained through the analysis of an ESCo. Dal Ceredo Technology cooperate with such institutes, in order to make the companies get these certificates.

To be updated on these and other news and if you want to know how to increase the sustainability of your company thanks to our S1 Systemcontact me to plan an introductory meeting.