Hot or cold... With S1 who cares?

Mattia Dal Ceredo

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We have entered now in one of the most challenging moments of the year, as regards the stability of the recipes, in the finishing operations.
The autumn and the first cold weather, create significant changes in temperature and relative humidity, which favor the formation of condensation.
In addition, the variations in temperature that occur during the day, could affect the consistency, in the success of an excellent finish.

These were above all the reasons that led us, for more than four years now, to look for solutions that would guarantee on the one hand the best efficiency in the use of chemical products, and on the other hand the constant temperature coming out from the spray guns, in any condition.
The patented that we have studied in fact heats and stabilizes the atomization temperature of the air, used in the air-chemical product mix, in the spraying lines. And this ensures that the output temperature of the color particles is always constant, in any weather condition.

During the various installations carried out in the field, we have noticed how in many of the applications, and especially those that require great consistency of replicability, such as in the automotive sector, the results achieved are truly extraordinary.
Therefore, in addition to an immediate saving, which we have extensively discussed, in the consumption of chemical products, we have a further saving induced by the improvement of the stability of the mix of coating spread on the skin and therefore by the reduction of any dusts that come from it.
In a few weeks then, winter will put the technical staff even more on guard, who will have to face even colder operating temperatures.

If it is also worthwhile for you to technically deepen some of these aspects and if you want to know how to increase the sustainability of your company thanks to our S1 System, contact me to plan an introductory meeting.