How manage to save energy in compressors with "S1 System"

Mattia Dal Ceredo

In painting departments, the massive use of compressed air is necessary as it is an extremely safe and reliable force or energy that allows the operation of machinery, plants and equipment.
In order to supply the quantities of air necessary for the proper functioning of the plants, tanning companies are most often equipped with large compressors capable of developing very large volumes of air. These compressors require a fair amount of energy to be powered, to the point that for industrial production, according to some sources, the Italian national average is around 10% of global electricity consumption.

As we all know, energy costs have almost tripled in a short time and tanneries must soon find ways to reduce them as much as possible in order to maintain the best competitiveness in global markets.

According to tests carried out in our laboratory with certified instruments, an Iwata model gun (WA 200 with 1.2 mm nozzle) has a consumption of atomized air of about 250 Nl / min at 2 bar pressure.

During the various installations of our S1 System in the painting plants, we have reduced the consumption of atomized air for each booth by 30%, bringing the gun to work at about 170 Nl / min, obtaining the same qualitative result on the leather.

Therefore, just by reducing the work of the compressors, we will have considerable advantages, especially nowadays, in which energy and the protection of consumption are topical and urgent issues. Not to mention all the other benefits that the innovation brought by the S1 System guarantees.

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