Ministry of Italian industry promote Tanning Company Fund

Mattia Dal Ceredo

The change in the post-pandemic economic scenario is redesigning the economic structure of many industrial sectors in Italy, and we need to act promptly to recover competitiveness and efficiency. With the plans for post-pandemic economic recovery, the tanning industry also has a window to access non-repayable loans, to increase the level of innovation of the production process.

The call for tender “Fondo Imprese Conciarie 2022 MISE” is an opportunity worth evaluating to be supported in process innovation, which will help improve the efficiency of the production process, reducing the energy costs that are making the tannery more and more an energy-intensive enterprise.

Since the times for requests for access to these funds will already expire on November 15th of this year, we at Dal Ceredo Technology have organized ourselves with the support of a specialist in the sector, to support the companies in the sector in managing the requests for these supports. We did it because we firmly believe that through the implementation of our S1 and A1 systems, significant advantages can be achieved.

It is clear that the moment of market downturn removes the hypothesis of new investments for many, and for this very reason, access to the Tanning Company Fund can even be combined with Industry 4.0. Here we have calculated a truly negligible economic impact in the management of new plants, with immediate economic benefits that last over time. Times are really tight, as November 15th is the closing date for admission to requests, and
so you have to hurry.

To find out more about this unrepeatable opportunity and if you want to know how to increase the sustainability of your company thanks to our S1 and A1 Systems, contact me to plan an introductory meeting.