S1 is a patented device that belongs to a new generation of innovative devices, the first of its kind, to be applied to existing paint booths.
S1 stabilizes the temperature of the atomizing air and optimizes the application of the paint, reducing its consumption.

Main advantages:

    • Substantial reduction in paint consumption
    • Reduced fumes inside the booth and less rebound
    • Reduction of pollutants released into the atmosphere by about 20% (blast chiller output)
    • Less sludge production and consequent reduction in disposal costs
    • Improved working conditions for the operators
    • Reduction of maintenance times
    • Increased productivity
    • Working conditions remain stable and constant even when external climatic conditions change. (Winter and summer)
    • Reduction of energy / gas consumption in the drying tunnel
    • Significant reduction of compressed air consumption in the nebulization circuit